Seattle Shapers Support the Heron’s Nest Project for Duwamish Land Sovereignty and Restorative Justice

2 min readFeb 22, 2021


The Seattle Hub of Global Shapers is supporting the Shared Spaces Foundation in fundraising for the Heron’s Nest, a project aimed at preserving land for community use and repatriating it to the Duwamish people.

Who are the Duwamish people?

The Duwamish people have resided on Seattle and King County land since time immemorial. Where they once inhabited 50 villages in the Puget Sound area, they now only own less than an acre of land and have been unfairly stripped of their federal recognition.

What is the Heron’s Nest and how will it benefit the Duwamish Tribe?

The newly formed Shared Spaces Foundation currently leases a 3.56-acre parcel of land just a short 0.3-miles from the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center in West Seattle. Until recently, this undeveloped parcel was destined to become the site for a new housing complex. Now, the Shared Spaces Foundation hopes to raise enough money by July of 2021 to purchase the land, preserve the land from destructive development, and develop sustainable, community-accessible facilities. These facilities include campgrounds, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor classrooms, a recycling center, and a natural aquaculture pool. Once restored and developed, the land will be given back to the Duwamish people and be used for community benefit.

Why is this important?

Since colonization, ‘landback’ movements have been trying to return unceded Indigenous land to Indigenous hands. Repatriating land to Indigenous peoples works towards dismantling white supremacy, building restorative justice, and enabling tribal land sovereignty. The Heron’s Nest will not only return land to the Duwamish people, but will also expand the Duwamish Tribe’s ability to urban farm, grow native plants, and hold community events.

How are Seattle Shapers helping?

We are committed to putting our organization’s land acknowledgment into action by working to return land to the Duwamish people. To honor that commitment, Seattle Shapers is supporting the Shared Spaces Foundation in reaching their fundraising goal for the Heron’s Nest Project through marketing and outreach activities. We will also match donations to the Heron’s Nest Project with money or volunteer hours as part of Gimmie Your Stimmie, a stimulus check donation matching initiative by our hub and Global Shapers Philadelphia.

What can you do to support?

Spread the word about the Heron’s Nest and, if you are able, donate to the Heron’s Nest Project on their website or GoFundMe page. Volunteer for or partner with the Shared Spaces Foundation on this page. If you are interested in using the space to host a community workshop, you can inquire here. Encourage others to join us in support!




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